Welcome to Saint Therese Parish Community!


On behalf of our parish community, it is my honor to extend a warm welcome to you.

St.Therese Parish has enjoyed a justified reputation as being a loving and joyful community, which is so blest by the goodness of each and every parishioner, which we lovingly invite you to be!

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Live and Give as a Christian
As one guide and invitation of living as a disciple of Christ, consider living a principle of “three hours” --- giving back to God at least three hours every week


  • An hour a week in worship

  • An hour a week of faith–in–action (in some service)

  • Giving an hour of what you are paid in your work as a financial commitment to support the local parish and wider Church.

These “hours” are meant to inspire you to make a commitment IN the faith, living as a disciple of the Lord, giving your “first-fruits” to God and God’s Church–all so our faith as disciples of Our Lord may be deepened, our faith enriched.

A parish is NOT an institution or agency of service, or place to have needs met, or a “bank” from which one draws from...

No! A parish is the formal network of sisters and brothers, in our honor and joy, in our responsibility to be, the holy People of God, God’s Family, who Love God,  Serve Others,  Bear Fruits!

PLEASE come join us!

Fr. Peter Bosque

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

We'd like to introduce you to our staff of professionals and volunteers. They are happy to assist you with scheduling weddings, funerals, Anointing of the Sick, First Communion and Confirmation. Do you have questions about calendar events or using our meeting rooms and other facilities? Please contact the Parish Office!