Ushers, Greeters, Ministers of Hospitality

Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers and Greeters) are literally the first “face of the Lord” to all who come to worship! Serving as the Welcoming Committee for our parish, they are absolutely critical to the fruitful celebration of the liturgy, “our Mass.”  As the first people that one sees when coming to the parish church, they are literally and figuratively the hands and face of the Jesus Christ to all, setting the tone of how we all ought to greet and treat one another!  With their kind and loving words and actions, these ministers are role models of the Parish Mission Statement, Love God, Serve Others, Bear Fruit! 

 The first and most important responsibility of the Hospitality Minister is to make people feel welcome and that everyone coming to us belongs at St. Therese.  They do whatever is necessary to make people feel like they are an important part of our community, from a smile, warm greeting, a handshake or nod, to guidance of where to sit, to whatever! 

Hospitality Ministers are to communicate reverence and dignity at all times, ever mindful of Who he or she serves. Ministers participate actively and fully in all parts of the liturgy at which they serve by singing, praying, and listening attentively.   

Hospitality Ministers

  • Greet parishioners and guests with a smile and warm welcome.

  • Assist parishioners and guests with seating.

  • Answer any questions that parishioners and guests may have.

  • Select gift bearers to bring up the gifts of bread and wine.

  • Distribute and pick up the collection baskets.

  • Direct communion lines and ensure those who cannot go up, receive communion.

  • Distribute the bulletin, and communicate a pleasant departure.

  • Assist parishioners and guests who have special needs in leaving the church.

  • Help prepare the church for the next Mass. 


If you are interested in being a part of this Ministry as a Greeter or Usher, please contact Dave Lukacs