Sunday Mass Music

ALL SAINTS DAY - Solemnity “Let us sing our praise of the Lord, together...”

Here in this place new light is streaming

Now is the darkness vanished away

See in this space our fears and our dreamings 

Brought here to you in the light of this day

Gather us in, the lost and forsaken

Gather us in, the blind and the lame

Call to us now and we shall awaken

We shall arise at the sound of our name!

We are the young, our lives are a mystery

We are the old who yearn for your face

We have been sung throughout all of history

Called to be light to the whole human race

Gather us in, the rich and the haughty

Gather us in, the proud and the strong

Give us a heart so meek and so lowly

Give us the courage to enter the song!

Procession — Gather Us In

- Marty Haugen

Darkness hangs, the world is aching,

Yearning for the the coming light.

In his rising, hope awaking.

Love has come to steal the night.

In our hearts true east we're facing,

Toward the coming of our Lord.

Morning rising, gloom now fleeing;

Christ returned! His word is true!

As we wait with hope for rescue

Love descends and all is well.

Prophets tell "You God is with us,

Heaven's gift, Emmanuel."

He is here, but hid as lowly

In the poor and mystery.

Where the bread and wine are offered

He is here: our God and King.

Offertory — Christ The Lord 

- Sarah Hart and Robert Feduccia

Blest are they, the poor in spirit

Theirs is the kingdom of God

Blest are they, full of sorrow

They shall be consoled


Refrain: Rejoice and be glad

Blessed are you; holy are you

Rejoice and be glad

Yours is the Kingdom of God!

Blest are they, the lowly ones

They shall inherit the earth

Blest are they, who hunger and thirst

They shall have their fill!


Blest are they who show mercy

Mercy shall be theirs

Blest are they, the pure of heart

They shall see God!



Communion — Blest Are They

- David Haas