Sunday Mass - Come Celebrate With Us

In celebrating Our Mass, receiving the Lord in Word and Sacrament

"So now, if you want to understand the body of Christ, listen to the Apostle Paul speaking … 'You are the body of Christ, member for member' [see 1 Corinthians 12:27]. … You are saying 'Amen' to what you are: your response is a personal signature, affirming your faith. … Be a member of Christ's body, then, so that your 'Amen' may ring true!" -- Saint Augustine (circa 400 a.d.)



Saturday: 5:30pm 

 Sunday:    8:30am  &  10:30am 


In the early years of the Church, a bishop in Syria wrote an instruction for himself and others. He describes the most IMPORTANT of "tasks" for the faithful disciple of Christ --- which is as true for bishops priests, and deacons, but also EVERY Catholic:

Exhort the people to be faithful to the assembly of the Church. Let them not fail to attend, but let them gather faithfully together. Let no one deprive the Church by staying away; if they do, they deprive the Body of Christ of one of its members! (Didascalia Apostolorum, chapter 13 -- circa 200 a.d.)

While we are centuries and continents apart, separated not only by time and geography, but language and culture, WE ARE nevertheless still ONE CHURCH. What we have in common surmounts everything!

We, the Church, the People of God, assemble every week on the Lord's Day! And in that gathering, ASSEMBLED in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, we are together where God speaks to us, and where we listen together to the Word of God; and in our Sunday assembly, we are made holy by the Lord received, fed for the journey to bring HIS LOVE to the world!!!