St. Therese Mental Health Ministry


St. Therese Living Grace Mental Health Ministry invites you to come and be a part of a group that would like to share the healing grace that can come when we seek answers that are based on God’s promises which come from His Son in His Word.

Our sessions are casual, open, and confidential. We do follow a process of covering subjects dealing with various mental health issues. Some examples are “Your True Identity”, Managing Stressors”, “Safe and Healthy Relationships” to mention just a few.  Come and receive some helpful insight and tools that can assist you in living out your daily life. The Grace Alliance is   “a Christ-Centered solution for anxiety, depression, stress, and similar challenges”.

We are associated with the Catholic internet service, This site has information where you can find a licensed Catholic/Christian Therapist, find articles and videos or even register and see a Therapist.

The Grace Alliance website is

Our Grace Group Guidelines are:

  • TO GIVE understanding, respect, encouragement, and compassionate support.

  • TO DISCOVER hope, tools, and to learn from one another’s journey.

  • TO RESPECT and maintain one another’s confidentiality.


The Care Sessions are open to anyone who is looking for a friend who can listen, respect, encourage, pray for and hopefully give helpful insights to those attending.

  • The sessions are held in ‘The Little Flower Room’ on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month from 4-5:30 pm.

  • We are not professional doctors, psychologists or medical practitioners. We are St. Therese parishioners, who are attempting to educate and help remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues. We do not provide the sort of assistance reserved only for licensed practicing professionals

  • We do have a list of other mental health services from various county and city agencies working in the mental health areas.


Comments received:

  • Once I became involved with this ministry, I began to realize that there are many people searching for someone who cares to listen, share, and pray with them.  This ministry does offer hope that the future will be better when we include the Father, Son, and Spirit in our mental health challenges.

  • Didn’t know your program existed; so glad that you are doing this.

  • Has helped me deal with difficult relationships at home.

  • Thanks for being here.

  • Glad St. Therese Parish is doing something to address mental health.


If you would like to be a part of the Mental Health Team, please attend one of our sessions, and contact Phil Mascari, email:, 619-933-1356, or call the Parish Office, 619-582-3716.