Men's Bible Study, 'The Rest Stop'. Relax & Spend Some Quality Time With God


Join us at 'The Rest Stop', St. Therese Parish’s Men’s Bible Study.  It’s an incredible opportunity to learn more about your faith and to deepen your relationship with your Savior, Jesus Christ.  We breakdown the upcoming Sunday scriptures so you are better prepared for Mass and more importantly, to better understand what God is saying to us through His scriptures. 


While The Rest Stop provides the opportunity to slow down and make time for God, it is also an opportunity to fellowship with men in our parish who are on similar journeys.  Come join us!

When & Where Do We Meet?

We meet every other Tuesday evening in the St. Therese Academy’s library from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.   Check the parish calendar for changes. 

For more information, contact Mick Parada (619-287-8748)

Why Is Our Bible Study Called 'The Rest Stop'?

It is called 'The Rest Stop' because men typically have very busy lives with their families, careers, and extracurricular activities. They forget to “stop and spend time with God”.  


Real rest stops are located on busy highways and provide opportunities to stop and rest, refresh and recharge. Our aim is that the 'The Rest Stop' provides spiritual rest and rejuvenation for the men that attend.

Frequently Asked Questions about St. Therese Men's Bible Study


What happens at a “Rest Stop” meeting?
We start with pizza and drinks and fellowship for 15-20 minutes.


We then breakdown upcoming Sunday scriptures so we are better prepared for the Mass. And then there are questions that lead to a discussion on how we can apply what we have learned to our daily lives.


We conclude the readings with a discussion on our recent personal faith highlights, challenges, or inspirational moments.


Finally, we finish with prayer and intentions.

Why is Catholic bible study especially important for men?
Catholic Bible study is important for men because as St. Jerome said, “Ignorance of scriptures is ignorance of Christ.”

What's the difference between Bible study and Bible reading?
Bible study differs from bible reading in that you learn about the context of the readings, their history, and how it applies to your life.

What Bible study topics for men have you recently discussed?
How merciful we have been as fathers to our children?  

How are we living out our responsibilities as God’s kingdom builders? How does society try to challenge us in our decision to follow Jesus?