Is a Marriage Encounter in San Diego What

Your Relationship Needs Right Now?


Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a positive and personal experience for a husband and wife to look deeply into their relationship with each other and with God, sharing their hopes, fears, frustrations, and joys. One fundamental difference between marriages that are good, average, or poor is the level of communication – for those with good communication, it’s a chance to strengthen it, and for those whose communication has faded, it’s a chance to begin again. 

Your marriage is your most important human relationship! There is no better time than NOW to invest in a healthy, happy, loving relationship with your spouse and to renew the commitment, intimacy, and passion in your marriage. 


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When & Where Are Marriage Encounter Experiences?

The Experiences start on Friday night at 8pm and end on Sunday about 4pm. 

How often do they happen?

Worldwide Marriage Encounter San Diego typically holds four to six Experience events per year.

The Marriage Encounter Experiences are held in a local hotel. On occasion, a retreat house or parish center setting may also be used to hold the Experience.


How much does Marriage Encounter cost?

There is a $125 application fee and a request for a donation at the end of the Experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Marriage Encounter

World Wide Marriage Encounter (WWME) is faithful to the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching that marriage is a covenant that exists between one man and one woman.  Any reference to marriage or couple made by WWME is in this context.

Who started Marriage Encounter?

In 1952, Father Gabriel Calvo began a series of conferences for married couples in Spain. By 1962 the conferences were being presented as a weekend retreat and spread rapidly throughout the country. 


In 1967, the retreat was presented at Notre Dame University in Indiana to seven couples and several priests at a Christian Family Conference Convention. 


The dream of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Movement as we know it today was launched in 1968 by Father Chuck Gallagher after he attended an event in New Jersey. 


What happens at Marriage Encounter?
The Experience is presented by trained married couples and a priest who demonstrate and teach tools and techniques to help a husband and wife develop a more intimate understanding and acceptance of each other through the use of open loving communication.


Husband and wife are given the opportunity to explore the important areas of their relationship in a relaxed setting free from the distractions and stress of daily life.

Is Marriage Encounter for troubled marriages?

No. The Marriage Encounter Experience is NOT counseling or group therapy. And the presenting couples and the priests are NOT trained marriage counselors.

The focus of the Marriage Encounter Experience is on the relationship between husband and wife and to strengthen that relationship. The presentations build on each other throughout the Experience such that for many couples “Their Experience” is one of the most significant experiences of their marriage.


What’s the difference between Marriage Encounter and Retrouvaille?

The Marriage Encounter experience is designed to take the love a husband and wife have for each other and help them to build, expand and deepen that relationship. The Retrouvaille one is designed to help more seriously troubled marriages.