Lector reading the Word of God in St.Therese Parish in San Diego.
“He is present in His Word,
since it is He Himself Who speaks
when the holy scriptures
are read in the Church.

#7 “Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy” (Sacrosanctum Concilium)

So, lectors speak God’s WORD in the Name of Christ TO their sisters and brothers, so they might hear the “words of everlasting life!!!

A lector is called to proclaim God’s Word, and who loves the Bible. Sharing the Scripture at Mass to their neighbor, their brothers and sisters, the Assembly, lectors “proclaim” on Sunday and weekday Masses the Old and New Testament readings, as well as offer the Commentary at the beginning of Mass, and the Universal Prayer (the Prayers of the Faithful) after the homily.


Proclaiming the readings from the Table of God’s Word (the ambo), the lector invites the Faithful to listen to the treasures of the Bible, and inspired by what we all hear together, and knowing what God wants us to learn and belief, enter into God’s mission to share His Love for all!

In Catholic teaching, the Sacred Scripture, the Bible, is the revealed Word of God given to us for our salvation! God’s Word was preserved and handed down from one generation to the next!

Proclamation of the Word of God is truly an honor which requires the following: a sincere love of God’s Word and His People; the willingness to study the Word, and the skill to proclaim the Word so Its meaning may be heard by the Assembly in a way to appreciate Its meaning! So, lectors are expected to prepare their proclamation thoroughly and carefully, through prayer and practice. As ministers, lectors also evince a reverence and dignity at all times in how they come to church by dress and attitude, and their witness of God’s Love.


If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, please contact Bonnie at the Parish Office, 619-582-3716, ext. 102 or email