Fish Fry - Help Us Build Our Parish Community, Eat Well & Raise Money for Our School Kids

Sit down with us at a St. Therese Fish Fry. Better yet, help us! These dinners are a 40-year-old tradition at St. Therese. And our all-volunteer group builds community spirit by continuing them. These events also raise money for our parish school and high school student groups. Join us for a delicious hot meal. Catch up with all of your friends from church and make new ones!  


About 4 times a year. They run from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Check the parish calendar or the church bulletin for the date of the next Fish Fry. Call Mo Kojis 619-994-9818 if you have questions.


In our social center at St Therese Parish.  

Want to Help Us?

Funny looking waiter holding a tray with a cartoon fish on it.


Chairman: Mo Kojis

Co-chair: Sharon Murphy


We are a very friendly, fun-loving, diverse group. We have a retired contingent. There are also high schoolers who help us out with food service and clean up.  And students from the academy who set up the tables.

Are you a parent of a child at St. Therese Academy?  Need service points?  Join other school parents who are volunteering with us.​