Eucharistic Ministers


Sisters and Brothers of the Parish, who have volunteered to “bear” (bring) the Sacrament of the Body & Blood of the Lord  to the Assembly, the People of God. Trained about how to give this Gift of the Lord, for these purposes as the Church teaches:

“For it is the liturgy through which, especially in the divine sacrifice  of  the  Eucharist, ‘the  work  of  our redemption is accomplished,’.....”


“In the restoration and promotion of the sacred liturgy, the full and active participation by all the people is the aim to be considered before all else; for it is the primary and indispensable source from which the faithful are to derive the true Christian spirit; and therefore pastors of souls must zealously strive to achieve it, by means of the necessary instruction, in all their pastoral work.”


“In liturgical celebrations each person, minister or layman, who has an office to perform, should do all of, but only, those parts which pertain to his office by the nature of the rite and the principles of liturgy.”


                         Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium,1963)

All ministers of Communion (bishops, priests, deacons, instituted acolytes, and extraordinary ministers) are graced, holding the Body or Blood of Christ in their hands, are profoundly humbled and joyful in sharing the Sacrament of Our Savior with His children (the Assembly). This is an absolutely critical role in the celebration of the Liturgy.

Eucharistic Ministers prepare themselves before Mass with quiet prayer, reflecting on what they will soon be doing in His Name and for Whom they serve, His People.  Eucharistic Ministers represent Christ in all that they do.  They communicate reverence and dignity at all times in how they come to church, by dress and attitude, and how they greet others – presenting themselves as people of joy and warmth, who know Who they serve, and how honored they are in their ministry. Eucharistic ministers are dedicated parishioners who have themselves received ALL the Sacraments of Initiation (baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist), have a love of the Mass, and are willing to accept responsibility when called to serve.

If you would like to be a part of this beautiful ministry, please call Bonnie at the Parish Office, 619-582-3716, ext. 102, or email