Every gift helps us continue our work to build up God's Communion on Earth, right here in San Diego. Your donation helps us maintain where we gather for Eucharist and the other Sacraments. It enables us to educate and welcome new members to our community. And it provides staff to assist you during your times of need



Planned donations, recurrent gifts and other donation options can make a huge difference for our parish. And they can make sticking with your budget and doing your taxes at the end of the year easier too! Use our web-based platform to create an account, set-up recurring donations, and really make a difference for St. Therese Parish.

Sunday Offering

Special Collection

You can help us avoid processing fees and make your gift go further by sending us a check or donating through a bequest or trust or stock transfer.
Please phone us at 619-582-3716 or email our Business Manager Susan Orelli at susan@stthereseparish.org for information about legacy giving and bequests, stock transfers, or if you are donating on behalf of a corporation.

Donations by check can be mailed to:
St. Therese Parish
6400 St. Therese Way
San Diego, CA 92120



A steward, in Jesus’ time, was a servant to whom the household was turned over when an owner traveled away from home. This trusted servant was expected to conduct the business of the house as if the master himself were there; taking care of needs when they arose and making wise and responsible decisions. This is the challenge Jesus offers us who would follow him: to become stewards in God’s work on earth. For each of us, that involves taking responsibility to see that God’s work gets done. Contact us to share what time you may have to help our parish and thus help God's work get done.