Join Our Music Ministry - Because It's More Than Just Hitting the Correct Notes


“To sing is to pray twice....” is a saying attributed to St. Augustine of Hippo of the 4th century. The phrase captures the essence of why Music Ministry is so important in our worship as Catholics. Music in Mass is worship together! This is why singing is critically important, for in our Mass, we are celebrating who we are as His Church, and how, as children of God, we have a family relationship with one another. Singing doesn't have to be perfect. What is important is our sincere participation, with all our heart and soul!


This page answers common questions about St. Therese Parish's musical groups and choirs including: 

Why should you join the Music Ministry?

Singing and making music in one of our choirs enhances your personal worship experience. But you also get a chance to build prayer and fellowship with those around you. Aside from prayer, choir is a great place to grow as a musician, whether you sing or play an instrument. It can help you build your confidence. It’s also a great way to make friends! 


When you join our Music ministry you help lead others to Christ through your musical gifts. You encourage the general congregation to become more fully engaged in the Mass and with each other as members of the Body of Christ. 


Saturday - 5:30pm



   Contact:  Michael Ruhl

   Phone: 619-770-7125


Saturday 5:30pm

   Cantor: Marina D'Auria

   Phone: 619-889-6696


8:30am  Sunday Mass

   Director: Renée McDade
   Phone: 619-663-5385

Group Practice: Rehearsals are temporarily suspended at this time.  See our parish calendar for updates.

How old do you have to be to join this choir?

There is no specific age requirement, though we recommend that singers should be comfortable reading the lyrics.

Is there an audition or any try-outs for this choir?

There are no audition/try-outs requirements. We are open to

all levels of music expertise with just an open heart and a willingness to try!  If you can sing in the church, you are welcome to sing with us! Also, if you play an instrument, we would love to have you too!

What are the Church choir rules? It is important that we maintain a supportive and loving atmosphere for all singers regardless of their experience or skill level. Help and support others in the expression of their musical gifts, regardless of their ability. We are a family; all are welcome.


Also, when we make music in Mass we are also part of the congregation. A reverent, attentive attitude is appropriate.

5:30pm Sunday Mass - Pending


      Annie Barrack

  Phone: 619-573-5361


     and Sara Osmus

 Phone: 858-414-7766


Group Practice: Rehearsals are generally an hour before Mass starts.

How old do you have to be to sing with this choir?

There are no age limits, but members tend to be teens or older.

How much experience do you have to have?

We are open to all singers and instrumentalists of any skill level. We welcome woodwinds, brass, strings, etc.

5:30pm Music group rules and regulations?

For the 5:30pm Mass, choir members are expected to come to the rehearsal for the respective Mass, usually 4pm before the Mass, which starts at 5pm.

Additional rehearsals are required for Christmas, Easter, and Confirmation.

Choir members should come dressed for church and should behave as if they were present in the congregation. We expect attentiveness and appropriate behavior.