Join the St. Therese Book Discussion Club

Read Good Books and Make Great Friends

Do you love to read? Want to meet different members of our parish community that share that interest? Come to a meeting of the St. Therese Book Discussion Group! Nervous about meeting a new group alone?  Bring a friend with you. They don't have to be a member of the parish, just an avid reader interested in exploring new books with others.


Members say that it's strengthened their ties to the St. Therese community and to each other as individuals. And they've been amazed at the wealth of experience, knowledge, and insight that they've discovered in each other. 


We gather on the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m. Check the parish calendar for the next date. Meetings generally last an hour to an hour and a half.


In the Little Flower Room at St. Therese.


There are no annual dues. And we try to make sure that the book selections are available in the San Diego public library.


Carol Reed-Chan

Phone: 619-890-2464


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Our Book Discussion Group

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Who picks the books?

Book selections are decided by the group as a whole, sometimes one month in advance, or even several months in advance.


We read both fiction and non-fiction. The only real issue we consider is whether or not the book is available through the library. We do not want anyone to feel they need to purchase a new book for each meeting.

Book selections are announced in the bulletin before the meeting. You'll also get email updates prior to the meeting.

Should members attend if they haven’t read the book?

Members are welcome to come whether or not they have finished and/or read the book. Come for the fellowship and get excited about a new book! And, honestly, if you didn't like the book, you generally have more to say about it! 

What happens at the book discussion meetings?

Generally, there are 6-10 members present at each meeting, though our member list numbers over 20. Discussions are freeform and often tangential. One thing leads to another - sharing experiences, comments, and questions. The only requirement is that members be given an opportunity to speak and that we do not talk over each other.