Join the Bereavement Support Team 

and Be a Light to Those in Darkness

Are you being called to bring comfort to those who are grieving?  If you are interested in joining the team please watch the bulletin for information about the next training sessions. 


Join the Bereavement Support Team! We give Christ-centered spiritual and emotional support for those who are in sorrow over the death of someone dear to them--- whether the loss is recent or sometime in the past. We offer prayers and information regarding the grieving process. But most importantly, we listen and just BE with them. 


Joan Bishop 619-922-6821

Who can be a facilitator?

Any faithful Catholic who has compassion and love in their heart. 

How much time does this ministry take?

Once you go through training you can help with our Support Group Session series. These take place three to four times throughout the year. They are opportunities for listening and sharing projects and prayer among the participants. We also make home visits to those who are grieving.

Here's a breakdown of our yearly Support Group series:

  1. Lent-Easter

  2. Advent-Christmas

  3. Summer

  4. (one additional if the need arises.)

Join us and help bring light to someone's long night.