Bereavement Support Group -

Comfort in Your Grief 


Are you grieving the loss of someone special? Come to the next Bereavement Support Group meeting and begin to heal your soul your heart and your soul. With Christ as our center and Faith in our futures, we can help each other hope, smile, and (yes) laugh!


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It doesn't matter if your loss is recent or sometime in the past. We offer prayers, materials regarding the grieving process and a caring community to help you.  Throughout the year we hold Support Group Sessions with opportunities for listening, sharing, projects, and prayer among the participants.  We are also happy to make home visits to those who are grieving.  Home visits are made by request.


All sessions are confidential. 

Our Bereavement Support Facilitators are here for you.

When are the Bereavement Support Group Meetings?

The Group Meetings take place on six consecutive Friday afternoons from 4:00-5:30pm.


They are announced in the Sunday Bulletins prior to scheduled meetings. You will also find them on the parish calendar

These group meeting series take place three to four times per year. 

  1. Lent-Easter

  2. Advent-Christmas

  3. Summer

  4. (one additional if the need arises.)

woman holding older mans hands in comforting gesture

What happens at a Friday Group Session?

  1. Meet and greet.  Light snacks, coffee, and tea.

  2. Opening prayer or Scripture

  3. Statement of Confidentiality (each person must agree)

  4. Group discussion on the Topic of the Day. For example:

    • "Stages of Grief "– What a person may expect

    • "Self-care While Grieving"

    • and many more 

  5. Projects and Hands-On Experiences:

    • Collage (a way to remember or to express yourself without words)

    • Candle Lighting (remembering and honoring those who have died)                                                                                  

    • These are followed by any comments on the value of the experience

  6. Projected topics for following meetings

  7. Closing Prayer.  Amen!