Baptism - We Welcome Your Child Into a Forever Relationship With Christ And His Church


We rejoice with you at the birth of a new member of your family, and wish to extend a loving welcome to you and your child as members of God’s Family and our parish! Baptism is a time of joy when new life is born into God’s Family because such witness of love and life reminds us of our innocence and God’s Goodness!


The baptism of your child also reminds us that God’s Kingdom is here and gives hope the world will become a better place. We, as a parish community, share this hope and joy with you, and we want to do everything possible to make it a lived truth all the days of your life, and the life of your child.

How to Get Started


Click the Sacrament of Baptism image to download our guide. It contains:

  • An Invitation to Baptism at St. Therese Parish

  • Baptismal Preparation Process outline

  • Checklist for Baptism

  • Information/Registration Form for the child to be Baptized


Call us at 619-582-3716 or come into the parish office for a copy of this document if you have difficulty downloading it or want to discuss this Sacrament. 


Read the information within this guide as parents.  Review the expectations (the laws) of the Catholic Church on baptism. Do the requirements fit with your sense of your own faith? 

If you are ready to make this commitment, please print and complete the registration form. The form is on the last page of the Baptism guide. Bring it to the Parish Office, mail it, or give it to the priest or deacon after Mass.


You will receive a call from the parish, inviting you to the Baptismal Preparation Meeting. You may also come and talk about this Sacrament, faith in general, your relationship with the Catholic Church, concerns or issues you may have,  any time with any of us. We are here to serve you! 

It's Our Responsibility Too

Guiding your child to grow in God’s Love is a tremendous responsibility. In seeking baptism in the Catholic Church, you are inviting us to share that responsibility with you.


All of us have received the gift of life from God, the God Who loves us so much that God sent Jesus, His Son, to bring us to the fullness of that life. (John 3:16.) Together, we all share in this responsibility to help guide your child to know and live in His Love.

The Rite Of Infant Baptism


The Rite of Infant Baptism celebrates the truth God loves us unconditionally and sincerely. God wishes to enter into a special bond with all His children, which we celebrate in Baptism, by which parents express their intention to share the faith with their children, and nurture that faith throughout their lives. This is why baptizing your child in the Catholic Church is so important to us all.

The emphasis is on welcoming ALL as brothers & sisters in God’s Family, stressing the life-long nurturing of what it means to belong to that Family.

Parents (obviously) are vital in their children’s lives. Just as they look after the child’s physical needs, so too, in baptism, they are affirming their intent to see to their children’s spiritual formation to know God through Christ, and to love Him. With the help of the Holy Spirit and our community, parents are expected to guide their children to know and serve our Heavenly Father. 

To fulfill this critical responsibility, parents should be worshiping members of the Catholic community into which their child is baptized so the celebration of baptism expresses the truth that the parents and community are working together in raising their child in the Christian life.  

We Baptize Because Of Faith In God

A Christian believes our loving God sent Jesus to us, so we might know of God’s Love and an invitation to eternal Life. In truth, Jesus not only brings us the message – He is the message.


The Gospel teaches that Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  He teaches us to know God as all-loving, Who loves each one of us. He also taught us that if we really want to know God, we must love God and love one another.

Jesus desires to be close to us (“I will be with you always, even to the end of the age” - Gospel of Matthew). Everything we believe centers on the Person of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This is Who we want your child to know.

Sacrament Of Welcome And New Life


Baptism is a joyful event of celebrating the entrance of your child into the family of God and the Catholic community. Parents and the rest of the community together say: “We are responsible together for one another. We promise to love you and to care for you just as Jesus does. We are all one in our kinship with Jesus.”


When Jesus died and rose from the dead, He teaches us how we should follow Him.

As He died and rose to a new life, so we imitate His actions in baptism. This why the Church says, in baptism, we “die and rise in Christ.” This is powerfully witnessed when someone is immersed, which symbolizes going down into the tomb, and rising in new life, with Jesus Christ. Immersion is a physical journey, a rebirth – as well as a symbolic cleansing and purification.


For infants, already innocent and pure, immersion symbolizes the truth we all are born into the “original sin” of the toxic environment of the weight of human sin! This is why being made into a new creation with Christ and being part of His Life, is an occasion of great joy! (In our parish, the baptism font does not afford the possibility of immersion, but with the pouring of water, the meaning is the same.)

There is no substitute for the love found in a joy-filled, and loving home. Our love for each other is an extension of the Love of Jesus Himself. So, during baptism, the child is the focus of our love, and is symbolically a responsibility too of the Catholic community.


In baptism, as in all the Sacraments, Jesus acts in and through the celebrating community. The community will help the child grow to the fullness of life.  And here at Saint Therese Parish, we truly want everyone to feel a sense of belonging, being part of a loving family, which is an investment we all need to make.  

Who Should Be Selected for Godparent?


Sponsors (godparents) represent the Catholic community in Baptism and express the witness of the whole community to help the parents in their rearing of their children. They are selected by the parents of the child and should be living the Christian faith as examples of God’s love.


Baptized and confirmed, the Catholic sponsor is assumed to be living our faith. A baptized non-Catholic may be a godparent in company with a Catholic sponsor. Godparents should have the intent to take an active part in the Christian formation of the child to know God’s love for us!

Take the Next Step...

Now that you have had a few of your Baptism questions answered, click this Sacrament of Baptism link to download our guide to get started. ​


If you have more questions, call us at 619-582-3716 or come into the parish office to discuss this Sacrament.