Art & Environment


The purpose of the Art and Environment Ministry is to plan and implement an environment in and around our worship space, centered on the liturgical seasons of the church to enhance the beautiful liturgies celebrated at St. Therese.

Ministers of Art and Environment are called to serve the parish in providing an ambiance for worship that will mediate the presence of God. Our goal is to care for all the elements of worship, ensuring that the total surroundings are clean, appropriate, beautiful, and accessible. We lovingly decorate the church throughout the year to provide hospitable, thought provoking, and prayerful surroundings to meet Christ in the Eucharist and in one another.

The Art and Environment Ministry is seasonal. We collaborate to prepare the church in anticipation of each liturgical season: Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Holy Week,
Easter, and Pentecost.

We are always open to new members, who can help decorate and maintain the environment, especially for the Christmas and Easter seasons. If you are interested, please contact Regina Dharmawan, Coordinator, at 619-582-3716 Ext. 101 or email