6400 Saint Therese Way ● San Diego, California ● 92120-3018


Saint ThERESe parish

St. Therese is a faith community committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, a parish that gives glory and praise to God through celebration of Word and Sacrament. We are a large parish with diverse needs. We work together to support each individual and family in their faith journey. We share our talents with one another and the community in which we live. We strive to: ·  worship together in celebrations which promote joy in liturgies that recognize the diverse needs of all members. ·  encourage community participation in liturgy preparation ·  maintain an environment which enhances prayer and worship. ·  provide a strong Catholic foundation that will help us reflect the light of Christ in all facets of life. ·  offer an educational system that fully unites us in purpose and spirit and that supports faith, fun and fellowship. ·  develop broad-based programs for all age-levels that relate to current social issues and concerns, with emphasis on Church teachings. · create and nurture an atmosphere of openness, warmth, cooperation, and integration between parishioners and parish organizations. · stimulate timely and effective communication that provides information and promotes feedback throughout our parish community. · expand opportunities for involvement in parish activities and leadership. · welcome new or prospective members into our faith community. 

Parish Mission Statement