6400 Saint Therese Way ● San Diego, California ● 92120-3018


Saint ThERESe parish

Corporal Works of Mercy: 

Feed the hungry - Give drink to the thirsty - Clothe the naked - Shelter the homeless - Visit the sick - Visit those in prison - Bury the dead

Ministries at St. THeReSE

As Christians, we are called to service and ministry.  It is our desire and mission that every adult become a full and fulfilled disciple of Jesus Christ, and that each person will have a passion for Christian service to assist and promote the mission and ministry of the Church. 

A simple definition of ministry is “introducing gifts to needs”.  It is to be an instrument through which God’s work might be accomplished.  This means ministry happens in the church gathered and the church scattered!  This means ministry happens through the priests and the people, the “pillars” and the everyday folks who simply put Christ first in their work, their family, their life! 

​Most of the ministry programs of our parish are coordinated and implemented by volunteers who share both their time and talent to make this a great parish community.  If you have gifts you would like to develop and share, you will find contact information on each of the individual ministries for volunteering.