Difficulty in Marriage
We would like to express our faith in the sacrament of marriage as a special vocation which God has blessed, likening it to the relationship of Christ and His Church. The Sacrament of Marriage is a treasure for the couples themselves, for society and for the whole Church.

​We are dedicated to supporting the sanctity of marriage to strengthen married love in stability and fidelity, with the help of God who blesses your union. We hope you will take advantage of the many groups and
activities in the parish that support married life, such as MOMS, Men’s prayer breakfast , Family Camp, Small Church Communities.
"'You are everything to me, I give myself totally to you, for ever': this is the commitment that springs from the heart of every person who is sincerely in love." Pope John Paul II to Married Couples
Preparation for Marriage


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For those experiencing difficulty in marriage, divorce, annulment, or remarriage:

In spite of all the efforts of couples, families and the church, some marriages do not turn out well. Temporary or permanent separation becomes necessary when there has been a complete breakdown of loving relationship between husband and wife, often with great hardship to both the couple themselves and their children. These setbacks are a source of suffering for people today and especially for those who see their good intention and hope of married love fade away.   We hope you will find these links valuable, and that our support as members of the family of God will help to sustain you.

To meet with a parish priest, please contact the parish office 619.582.3716

Growing in Married Love
Congratulations on your engagement!  And for seeking to take every opportunity to make your marriage the best it can be!

​There is special grace and power within every couple God has joined together. It is not the priest who gives the Sacrament of Matrimony; he is only the chief witness.  The bride and groom give it to each other. 

For information on celebrating this sacrament at St. Thérèse, please contact the parish office 619.582.3716