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Saint ThERESe parish

Saturday 5pm & Sunday 7am Masses:
   Michael Ruhl 619-770-7125
Sunday 9 & 11am Masses:
   Renée McDade 619-800-3166
​Sunday 5pm Mass:
   Sara Osmus  858-414-7766
   Annie Barrack  619-573-5361

Our music ministry provides musical direction for liturgies and brings together parishioners who share a passion for music.

​Tap into your spiritual talents and join us by filling our beautiful church building with the sound of song and music. Singing is praying twice. We have hearts that sing and we lovingly welcome any instruments to accompany them.

Music Ministry

Contact: Ministry Center 619.286.4605

The environment of our worship space should reflect the prayerfulness and sacredness of being in union with God. Each liturgical season is meant to help us encounter Christ along life's ever changing journey. The environment in which we encounter Christ can help us become more aware of His presence. From banners to flower arranging, the use of symbols and natural elements set the tone and help us to more fully engage in the liturgy.

Volunteers vision, plan, and do the work it takes to create a worship environment for all.

​Meetings are as needed during the various liturgical seasons.
Contact: Dave Lukacs 619.733.7885

Greeters help build up the church and create a spirit of welcome and a sense of belonging. It begins with a deep commitment to Christ and to his Church.

Ushering is a ministry of Christ’s presence where strangers are put at ease, visitors are welcomed, people with special needs or disabilities experience the care of the community.

Warmth, friendliness and openness to hospitality are essential to these distinct but cooperative ministries. Training is provided.
Contact: Ministry Center 619.286.4605

Extraordinary Ministers are dedicated to serving Christ through bringing the Eucharist to our community at Mass and to the sick andhomebound.  In turn, we are blessed through the revelation of Christ’s presence in each person with whom we share the Eucharist.

There is a one-day diocesan training for new Eucharistic Ministers, which is offered twice a year. There is also an in parish training to familiarize new EM's with liturgical procedures in our parish.

​A Eucharistic Minister must be a confirmed, practicing Catholic at least fifteen years old.
Contact: Liz Casillas 619.579.8032

Sacred Scripture has always been an oral tradition.  When proclaimed aloud, the Word becomes alive!  God speaks to us! If you have a gift for reading aloud and would, please consider this important ministry.

Contact: Parish Office 619.582.3716

We welcome boys and girls 4th grade and up.  High School youth and parent/child teams are welcome and encouraged to participate! Adults, particularly those available to assist weekday funerals, are also welcome.

Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Art and Environment


Hospitality Ministries