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Saint ThERESe parish

Welcoming Committee

This committee is setup to welcome people who have decided to become members of our parish. The committee reaches out and helps our new members get acquainted with the parish by introducing the history, ministries and activities, that new members may want to know, to experience and to participate. In doing so, the committee invites new parishioners to a day of reception where members of the committee give the presentation. The committee hopes this will be beneficial to new members.

Finance Council

By canon law, the parish is required to have a finance council. The finance council is appointed to assist and support the pastor to maintain the condition of the church both financial and temporal. The council meets quarterly to go over the financial reports as well as reporting on the up keeping of the church.

Pastoral Council

The pastoral council consists of leaders from different groups, organizations and appointed laypersons from throughout the community who advise and support the pastor on matters relevant to the parish ministries. The council meets monthly to share the progress of the life of the parish.

Adoration Chapel

Friends of the Missions

Italian Catholic Federation 

​Parent Teacher Group (PTG)
St. Therese Charities
55 Plus Social Club
​Book Discussion
​Cursillo Movement
The Rest Stop - for men

St. TheReSe Groups and Organizations