For parishioners who are ill or homebound and are not able to be present with the community at Sunday Mass, communion ministers help fill the physical gap between home and church. Chosen by the clergy and trained for this special ministry, these lay ministers bring communion to our parishioners in homes, hospitals, and nursing homes. By visiting the sick on behalf of our parish community, these volunteers reach out to include and welcome our homebound parishioners into the Body of Christ. 

Communion Ministers regularly visit on Friday mornings, or by appointment.  If you or someone you know would like a communion minister to visit, please contact the parish office to make arrangements at 619.582.3716.

If a Eucharistic minister wishes to bring communion to a family member who is ill or homebound, special permission must first be granted by the pastor or associate pastor and arrangements made accordingly.

Communion Visits

Saint ThERESe parish

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