That is why a man leaves his mother & father and clings to his wife; the two of them become one body.  Genesis 2:24

Congratulations to the Newlyweds 2010 - 2007
2011      2010 - 2007

Anthony McCarthy & Nancy Ann Goodridge
Adrian Olivares & Adriana Erika Solano Perez
David Michael Gonzalez & Ibrahim Ann Najib
Blake Lee Weisgarber & Jacqueline Elisabeth Romero
Danny Hage & Resah Alise Murin
Christopher Glen Striebel & Vicki Louise Orlando
Anthony Joseph Sardina & Zain Munther Azar
Gary Lee Draper & Darlene Thomas Mason
Joseph Cabay Delmotte & Vanessa Nicole Mitchell
James Yancey Whittaker & Amy Christine Sommerkamp
Brian Nicholas Relic & Erika Lyn Mosley
Mark Philip Munninger & Jessica Leigh Hutcheson
Michael Sean Cochran & Teresa Ann Tallarida



May almighty God, with his Word of blessing, unite your hearts in the never-ending bond of pure love. May the peace of Christ live always in your hearts and in your home.


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